The Case For Strippers And Buck’s Parties

It is fair to say that the bad reputation that buck’s parties have earned is undeserved. The have often been termed as being backwards and misogynistic because they usually involve strippers and other sex workers. They are also branded as a from of carless lifestyle by criticise who usually allude the more graceful forms of celebration in the past. Such criticism is unwarranted and unfair, as the past itself is often coloured favourably by a nostalgic lens. It is not entirely accurate that celebrations in the past were always decent and humane. And it can also be argued that buck’s parties and strippers are not a new thing. People have been entertained by performing women since time immemorial. Buck’s parties and strippers are merely extensions of that social tradition. That they are looked down upon unfavourably is more telling about the mindset people who criticise them. 

There is a moral case to be made of holding buck’s parties. Similarly, there is moral defence of the argument that strippers are not inherently degrading to womankind and are merely decent people looking for work. For starters, strippers are not always women, even if that is often the case. There can. Be male strippers too. The lopsided demand means that female strippers Melbourne get to make several times more than their male counterparts. This makes it an excellent career choice for women who want o work and be independent.

This makes fiscal sense too seeing that it provides employment to many people who would otherwise be unemployed and a burden on the economy. Many w country has raised its per capita income by encouraging people to engage in sex work and by encouraging them to consider it as a viable career choice. Many of these countries have seen their tourist numbers surge which has been another financial benefit of encouraging sex work in general, and stripping in specific. An activity that actively contributes to what economy of a region while simultaneously providing work for its populace should not be shunned or discarded. It should be embraces and allowed to flourish. It doing so would be unfair to the many direct and indirect beneficiaries of that activity. This, a moral and a fiscal case can be made to support buck’s parties and sex work.

Similarly, a buck’s party is something of a rite of passage. Many you g men views it as a milestone in their lives. It is a key point t where they stop being boys and start being men. It is the final hurrah before they are finally burdened by the dual responsibilities of a career and job. It is only fair that such a momentous occasion be celebrated with unbridled vigour and untarnished ecstasy. Strippers are an essential part of any decent buck’s party as they add a lot of flavour to it.

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